The Open Web Platform

The Open Web Platform. That is what you call it now. You may have called it something different before. Most people did. Here are some of the common (and not so common) labels:

  • HTML5
  • Ajax
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Single Page Applications
  • Service Oriented Front End Architecture (SOFEA)
  • Service Oriented User Interfaces
  • Native Web Development
  • JavaScript Client Controller Architecture
  • JavaScript UI

But it is settled now. It is called the Open Web Platform. It may not be the be the most descriptive or marketable label, but it is the one that stuck.

About tvalletta

I am just a guy interested in JavaScript, the Internet, Mobile, etc. I have four kids and a beautiful wife. I am an architect at the LDS Church.
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3 Responses to The Open Web Platform

  1. Aaron says:

    Dude… I hate the name, personally!

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